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The dignity of ugly things

One of the most fascinating aspects of our work is meeting and getting to know the people who share our research and aesthetic interests. Often we come upon some pretty crazy situations. Some of them are so insane that they inspire us to start new collaborations! One example of this is “Cartoleena”, an Instagram account […]

Travel Trophies

Starting with our first works of art we have always been interested in souvenirs as an artistic subject. One of our photographic series, commissioned by Flaminio Gualdoni for the journal FMR Bianca in 2008, is even called Souvenir d’Italie. We tried to imagine the arrangements of these strange objects in people’s houses or in friends’ […]

Walter Molino – By Marino Bartoletti

As many of you have probably noticed when looking through the pages of our first book, there are a couple of black and white illustrations that interact ironically with the images. Some of you have probably recognized Walter Molino, the author of those illustrations. Walter Molino (1915 – 1997) was an Italian illustrator who was […]