99objects is a book. Better, a series of books made up by 99 pages that tell us about one object in all his variants, one for each page. 99 collectibles in total.

Ashtrays souvenirs, slides viewers, letter seals, pottery, oranges envelopes, videogames, are sectioned and catalogued by PetriPaselli, artistic duo from Bologna creator of this project.
99objects is so a project that investigates on the most various collector’s item world.
Every collectors creates a different reality, a very peculiar dimension with his own rules and unique dynamics. Every collectors creates a different kind of collectibles through objects and their exhibition.

Every collectibles, every way it has been done, it’s always different one from the others. PetriPaselli with 99objects are not pointing out the aestheticism or the museum presentation, actually their idea is exactly to propose the collections showing the objects as the objects are, in their unique and primal form, without trappings and beautification, even without explanatory notes.

It is their intention to focus, for example, on the colors of the plastics of the Seventies, on the typographical features of the twentieth-century german letter seals or on the advertising graphics of the poor materials of South Italy. According to the artistic duo, the object speaks and has to speak for itself, not because of its location or surrounding context.

Stickers, glasses, badges, sands, corkscrews, caps, enemas, watches, buttons, cigarettes, matches, sugar sachets, souvenirs. The list of collections may continue indefinitely, but number 99 gives the idea of having a project definition and an expiration date. 99 pages for 99 objects and the goal of getting 99 issues over the years, not to set up an encyclopedia but a further collection of collections.

But the 99objects project will have two distinct souls – a paper and an online one. Photographic only the first, totally textual online the second. The online portal will contain texts relating to historical collections, materials, factories that have made history of a product, collectors’ cards, interviews, essays of anthropology, all ideally linked to the printed number. A collection in progress of a wide range texts about the more or less spontaneous and organized accumulation of objects.

Inside the printed magazine, the seriality of the 99 objects is interrupted by some artistic interventions by PetriPaselli. A short out. A meet and greet between different worlds. Parallels but different. Collections that intersect, interact and change their meaning.

99objects: An additional collection or cataloguing of collections that doesn’t come from nowhere, but from the main research that PetriPaselli have for long been pursuing, in all their artistic projects and throughout their lives. A state of play on their experience, their way of being personally and artistically, about their art 10 years from the first exhibition. Based on their artwork there is always the idea of collecting and this idea has always been translated both in an installation and in a photographic way: 99objects continues this way of working creating site-specific and photographic projects for every printed and online issues.