Trofei di bocce conservati in bocciofila

Bocce trophies

Issue 3/99

The third issue of 99objects is dedicated to an atypical collection.
On this occasion we deal with trophies, in particular bocce trophies.

Why bocce? Because this game belongs to the popular tradition and has long historical roots (even if the first regulation dates back to 1753 and it was written in Bologna) but it recalls the days we spent on the beach when we were young.

Why atypical? Because a trophy stands for a personal success and rarely has a value except for who won it. There are bocce club where a dusty display case overflowing with bocce trophies suggest the history of the clubs, an history made of those people who are no longer here, as proudly and longingly tell us the guardian of those spaces.

Take pictures of bocce trophies is our attempt to retain the memory of a time that will eventually disappear.

The selection of trophies covers a period between ‘70s and ‘80s. During that period the trophies were manufactured and designed to the point where all the cups where different and nearly precious. Winged victories, golden bocce players, colored marbles elevate this stuff to the level of artistic sculptures.
The book contains some photographic manipulations of the trophies where the subject is reinterpreted by PetriPaselli.
The project is enriched by a brand new collaboration with the Ctrlzak. Their operation is titled “The cup of cups” and reflects on the use of the everyday objects and the transparencies. A cup born from remains and waste which creates the the ultimate cup: fancy, precious and great!


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